May 31, 2022    
12:00 am

Nuremberg 2.0

Coming to a Courtroom Near You

Featuring Bill Gates and his puppets

  • John Horgan Adrian Dix Mike Farnworth Mitzi Dean and the rest of the covidiots

  • Bonnie Henry and the MHOs

  • Justin Trudeau Theresa Tam Christia Freeland

  • Government bureaucrats and assistants

  • Media personalities and many more

You will experience them singing and dancing during the trial

while confessing their innocence

Bonnie Henry will be auctioning off her collection of Fluevog shoes [not essential in jail, also needs funds for lawsuits filed against her and legal fees which will be essential]

All participants/puppets will be unmasked and social distancing will not be required. Isolation in jail cell will be essential between court appearances.

Performance will be one of a KIND

After performance, people will experience Calm

People will again feel SAFE

The Elite will be defeated mostly by their own ego and arrogance and the courageous Canadian men and women who choose to stand up for their children, grandchildren and families. Defeat communism

GOD is with us . AMEN