Increasing Hope by Uniting Islanders in Peaceful Protest

Worldwide Freedom Rally 2.0

Victoria, BC

Victoria Schedule

May 15, 2021

10:00 am


Arrive and set up. Market place vendors and rally team.

12:00 pm
Rally Begins

Victoria Location – 2nd Worldwide Freedom Rally Begins

12:00 pm –
2:00 pm

Local Speakers, Testimonials, Music as well as Vendor Booths, and information tables.

2:00 PM -ISH

Our march departs Centennial Square at 2pm-ish, and will arrive back at Centennial Square. If our numbers are above 300 participants, then we will take to the streets, for numbers under 300, we must remain on the side-walk. Please, keep your comments kind and respectful – this is a peaceful protest. Be the change you want to see!

3:00 PM
Official end time

While this is the official end time of this amazing event, you are more than welcome to stay and mingle… or offer to help with clean up!

Where It's At

Centennial Square
Victoria, BC, Canada


This Event is Free!

Come ready to learn! Ready to Serve! and Ready to be Sent Forth with Knowledge to educate the world!

You are welcome to donate,
or purchase items to support the cause.

Here are some ways you can contribute, plus spread the word about freedom in your local community. Plus we are in need of people who wish to serve with talents and time! Get in touch with us to find out local ways for you to get involved.

We Do Not Consent T-Shirt


Limited Stock provided by memeMEdesigns. Proceeds help pay for the events, banners displays, sound as well as the handouts and copies of materials… etc.

Charter & Bill of Rights


These are double-sided high quality print of the Canadian Charter of Rights, as well as the Bill of Rights on durable laminated card-stock.

Various Designs - Rally Signs


Pre-Order Online. Or at event.

Get in Touch

We would love to help you connect with your local community freedom fighters. Please send us a message and include where on the Island you live so we can connect you with that group. Also, we need people of many talents, so let us know areas you are able and willing to serve the community with your talents so we can all walk in our strengths. We look forward to seeing you!

Where are you located?


Thanks to our sponsors for making this event FREE to attend